Roof Moss Removal

Revitalize your home with Brilliant Brothers Services’ moss removal expertise. Prolong your roof’s lifespan and relish in a refreshed curb appeal. 

Gutter Cleaning

Expert gutter cleaning to protect your home from potential water damage.

Pressure Washing

With our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we can restore the brilliant shine to your residential or commercial property.

Window Cleaning

Brighten your world with our streak-free window cleaning service.

Exterior Cleaning

Comprehensive solutions to eliminate grime, stains, and mildew, restoring your property to its original glory.

Billy Castillo
Billy Castillo
Great experience dealing with them, they delivered what they promised. I would use them again.
Ashley Runzer
Ashley Runzer
Professional service and amazing communication. They were able to move my appointment up so that my home was ready for listing photos. So thankful for their communication and my house looks amazing!! Highly recommend and will use them again. Thank you!
Jody Cutfeet
Jody Cutfeet
Our strata hires Brilliant Brothers clean our windows (and sometimes gutters) every year. They’re friendly, professional, and they do a great job.
Tristan Marshall
Tristan Marshall
Thanks for a great job done at our Victoria Hyundai location!
Tessa Fatt
Tessa Fatt
The brilliant brothers have been servicing my gutters for a few years. We are always really happy with their work! Very professional and easy to schedule with. Highly recommend. Also love my yearly reminders from them. Worth the money to not send my husband up onto the roof and fall off !
John Dumalski
John Dumalski
Excellent company to do business with - very professional with courteous employees who provided a quality job on my gutters. I request them annually. I would highly recommend.
Tracey Berube
Tracey Berube
Our small strata building has used the services of Brilliant Brothers for several years and we cheerfully recommend them to all our friends and acquaintances.
Christina Grey
Christina Grey
I use Brilliant Brothers for my own home and I highly recommend them to all of my clients! They always do an excellent and thorough job at a competitive price topped with wonderful customer service.
Eldon Neustaeter
Eldon Neustaeter
Very attentive and professional. Our strata residents commented how efficient and polite everyone was.

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Exterior Cleaning In Victoria, Every great company is made up of a great team. Our team is made up of positive, respectful, and experienced individuals. We strive to provide the best experience possible from start to finish. Our pride comes from our quality and attention to detail, providing you with a value-packed experience.
Give us a try and let us show you how we can make your property Brilliant again!

We have the experience, the tools, and the muscle to bring your residential or commercial property to the Brilliant shine it deserves! Our branded trucks come fully equipped and ready to tackle your exterior cleaning jobs including:

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Insurance & WCB

We are in good-standing order with WCB and have 5 million dollar 3rd party liability insurance.


Each service has its own set of guarantees providing long-lasting quality services.

Skilled Technicians

Our team is trained to provide superior and consistent quality using safe methods and equipment.

User-Friendly Job Breakdown

We use an effective program to ensure easy-to-follow job and billing breakdown.

Clean Pricing & Billing Options

Each quote and invoice has clear price breakdowns and totals. We accept credit cards, cash, check, E-transfer, and direct deposit.

Free Quotes

Free estimates regardless of your property’s size! Quotes are done on a weekly basis to ensure prompt service.

Marked Vehicles

We have a fleet of clean, marked trucks and trailers so that you and your neighbours know who is on your property.

Insurance & WCB

We are in good-standing order with WCB and have 5-million dollar, 3rd party liability insurance.

Luxury Homes & Commercial Property

We excel at cleaning and maintaining luxury homes, buildings, and strata complexes using superior equipment and techniques.

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