Meet Alec Parker

Alec Parker is a marketing and business growth specialist. From a young age, he has always been fixated on numbers, structures and solving problems for people.

After growing up on his family farm in Saskatchewan, Alec took a leap of faith and moved to Victoria to start a new chapter of his life. Once arriving on the west coast, Alec knew he had found his new home as the healthy lifestyle, friendly people and amazing fishing fit his active and progressive lifestyle.

Alec spent his first few years in Victoria working in the home service industry and going to business school. During his time in school, Alec made many amazing connections, but none as important as the one he made with Andy. Alec saw a great opportunity to put his passion for business and problem solving to the test. Together, Alec and Andy embarked on the journey to create Brilliant Brothers Services.

Alec is extremely passionate when it comes to improving and learning new skills. This has lead him to become an expert in his field. Alec is now a leader in the pressure washing and soft washing industry in Victoria, and has passed his knowledge and skills over to his team, who continue delivering them to every customer they serve.

When Alec is not helping his crew and working on the business, you can probably find him on a boat fishing, walking his dog, in the gym or spending quality time with his amazing partner Amanda.

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