Meet Andy Wild

Andy has 10 years of experience in the exterior cleaning industry. After originally applying for a window cleaning position to pay for college, Andy has offered his *brilliant* cleaning skill set on over 7000 jobs in a decade.

After 7 seven years, Andy went on to create Brilliant Brothers Services with his ‘brother’ Alec Parker to fill the need and requirements for *brilliant* cleaning services in Victoria BC. Through long days, meticulous cleanings and a lot of ladder climbing, Andy was able to implement an organized, state-of-the-art system of precise cleanings and attentive service.

With his enthusiasm for customer communication, quality, before-and-after cleanings and overall attentiveness to detail, Andy felt as though the only way to offer *brilliant* exterior cleaning work, was to begin his own exterior cleaning company with Alec.

Andy resides in Victoria BC where he enjoys writing (and publishing) fantasy novels, adventuring to new locations, journeying through dungeons and dragons’ campaigns, playing chess, working out, healthy/active living and cooking.

Author of: The Gold Counter

novel the gold hunter

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