Data Center Cleaning Service

Data Center Cleaning Service

The number one indicator of an excellent data center cleaning service is its ability to deliver the agreements in the contract. We all know the perils of a dirty and dusty data center room are incredibly harmful to the devices in the room, and you do not want to take the risk of ruining several businesses because you did not hire the best cleaners you could get.

Reasons To Use Our Data Center Cleaning Program

We Have Unique Programs For Cleaning A Data Center

Data centers are mission-critical facilities that use a combination of EPA-approved cleaning methods to meet unique needs. We offer a science-based cleaning program that is specifically created to make sure the site is entirely free of contaminants, including the biological type like Covid.

Our data center cleaning and sanitization program starts by assessing the risk of damage on each device and then analyzing the best ways to maintain stable hygiene and excellent physical health of the different systems. We are acutely aware that cleaning often is not the same as doing an excellent job at cleaning. The hospital-grade cleaning tools and methods should be able to remove all kinds of threats across the entire room, so you never have to deal with biological or physical contamination.

Cleaning Is Highly Subjective

Our cleaning programs feature a unique set of protocols and procedures for different zones of your data center. Our data center cleaning contractors offer comprehensive cleaning services that are zone-specific and based on the profile of your facility.

The team leverages several training modules for all the different cleaning projects and uses science-based insights to focus on a cleaning method that will ensure the best results. Our holistic approach includes efficient and detail-oriented cleaning criteria that consider things like the material of the surface we are cleaning, the surrounding environment around the data center, and the amount of traffic that enters the room. Data centers prone to more dust will have a more frequent cleaning schedule that focuses on the most commonly contaminated areas like the subfloor.  

A Range Of Data Center Cleaning Services

The crucial part of successful data center cleaning is the availability of cleaning services for all areas in the facility. You want the equipment to be in tip-top shape because you work with a company that uses several systems and methods. In addition, they should have procedures to help you lower the overall rate of contamination after cleaning, such as installing a new filter or a sticky mat that will take in the dust.

Detailed Server Room Cleaning Cleaning Procedures

The process of cleaning a data center involves removing grime or dirt build-up, scrubbing the floor tiles, and making sure there are no spots or scuffs on the floor. We are thorough enough to wipe out the bottom of the tiles, support posts, and hidden surfaces such as the surface behind a junction box and through the runners or frames of support pipes.

Our data center cleaning service is one of the best because we do not take chances and will go over the plan with your IT team to make sure everything is in place. Contact us now to book your personalized consultation on data center cleaning services.

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Data Center Cleaning Service

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