Exterior House Cleaning Victoria

Exterior House Cleaning Victoria

Always hire a professional for exterior house cleaning in Victoria; Brilliant Brothers Services can offer a range of services to keep your home protected from the elements and looking great. Choose our experts for power & pressure washing, interior & exterior window cleaning, graffiti removal, roofing & siding cleaning, moss removal, and so much more. Simply make a call to our team and we’ll be out in no time to assess the situation and offer our professional recommendation on the best cleaning methods.

Q: How much does it cost to clean a house outside?

A: Depending on the type of service you choose, you could pay anywhere from $25 for a quick window cleaning to several hundred dollars for pressure washing, moss & mold removal, and other surface cleaning services. Request a free quote for your outdoor home improvement project by contacting our team at 250-514-5990.

Q: How do you clean the outside of your house?

A: Start with the basics:

  • Annual gutter cleaning and downspout flushing
  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Hardscape pressure washing
  • Driveway & walkway power washing
  • Roof cleaning

For more customized services, get in touch with Brilliant Brothers Services to find out how we can keep your home protected from the elements and looking great throughout the year.

Q: Can you pressure wash outside of a house?

A: Pressure washing is a good option for surfaces like cement, concrete, stone, brick, patios, driveways, and walkways. At Brilliant Brothers Services, we offer a soft washing service that is ideal for external house materials, such as siding and roofing, soffits, and valleys. Soft wash is the best technique for killing mold, mildew, and algae without harming your home. Touch base with our experts to learn more about methods we use for exterior house cleaning in Victoria.

Q: How do you clean a weatherboard house?

A: For professional weatherboard cleaning, hire an expert in weatherboard siding cleaning who uses safe pressure washing methods (2400 psi) to remove cobwebs, dust, dirt, soil, debris, and other contaminants and pollutants. Make certain the company you hire is fully insured to protect you from damage.

Q: How often should I hire someone for exterior house washing?

A: Different jobs should be taken care of at different increments throughout the year. Window washing is seasonal, with spring cleaning being the most important time. Mold and moss removal can be outsourced annually or bi-annually. Hardscape pressure wshing and power washing services are more of an as-needed type service. Feel free to get in touch with our house cleaning specialists from Brilliant Brothers Services if you have any questions or wish to schedule an inspection.

Q: Is professional exterior house cleaning in Victoria worth the cost?

A: Homeowners can certainly experience a high value from outsourcing specific jobs to an expert in order to avoid having to work from ladders or take on jobs that are challenging. A good rule of thumb to consider is to hire an exterior house cleaning company for jobs that are unsafe to do on your own or for bigger projects that require more than one person fto achieve good results.

Exterior House Cleaning Victoria