As we all know well, the housing market in Victoria B.C. has been booming! 

Landlords, homeowners and property managers alike are in competition to list their property at the highest value. 

There are several exterior maintenance services that can increase the value of the property by improving the appearance, by improving the overall health of the building and improving the safety of the property.

Gonzales Beach, Victoria B.C.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular Gutter Cleaning will not only prevent water from overflowing from the gutter to the ground, but also from flowing backwards into the fascia board and into the walls.

Preventing debris from entering the downpipes can protect your perimeter drains from clogging, which can lead to flooding and expensive repairs.

Moss Removal

Moss grows like weeds in Victoria B.C.. Moss growth on your roof causes small roots to grow underneath the shingles, creating space for moisture to enter into areas that must remain dry. 

Moss Removal and Post-Removal Preventative Moss Treatments kill the roots and will prolong the life span of your roof, increasing the overall value of your property.

Roof Cleaning

A buildup of debris on your roof can cause increased strain and damage to the roof, accelerating its degradation and shortening its lifespan. 

In addition, it can prevent efficient water flow in heavy rain storms or snow buildups, which can lead to pooling, overflows, flooding and damage to the roof and fascia boards.

Seasonal Roof Cleaning is another step in your Exterior Maintenance routine that will help to keep your property in good health.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is often seen as an aesthetic service. 

It can turn your dark and weathered driveway into a work of art the neighbors won’t stop talking about! 

Pressure Washing can also be a remedy to several safety hazards around your property.

Over time, moss, lichen, algae and other organic growths can cause a slipping or a tripping hazard on walkways, stairs, patios and driveways. Especially here in Victoria B.C.

By having your property Pressure Washed, you can remove the safety hazards and provide a safer environment for your family and those with mobility or balance issues. 

Soft Washing

Some areas of your property will require a more gentle approach to cleaning, rather than Pressure Washing

Soft Washing is a proven method to safely brighten and restore your property to its former glory. 

It will melt away staining and grunge from the walls, gutters, soffits and even furniture and mosaic patios which cannot be pressure washed.

Soft Washing is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way of cleaning the exterior of your property, no matter the size.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is the most simple and cost-effective way to brighten up any property.

With so many breathtaking views of Victoria B.C. and the surrounding nature, an obstructed view can alter one’s perspective of their property. 

Many people have moved from all over the world to witness and enjoy Victoria B.C.’s natural beauty, let’s not let a little dust or droppings take away from it!


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