Get Your Gutters Cleaned Often

Cleaning your gutters might not be top of your priority list, but it should be.Gutters Cleaning by professional When it comes to maintaining the exterior of your home, it is essential to clean your gutters as it will free up the pipes and prevent leaks.

Plus, gutter cleaning will improve the appearance of your home and ensure that you are proud every time you come home from a long day of work or socializing. 

Here are the many reasons you should get your gutters cleaned regularly.

Clears the pipes

The key reason to clean the gutters is to clean the pipes. When the pipes are clean, you can prevent and reduce the risk of many exterior issues, including:

Preventing the collection of rainwater

When a gutter is clogged, it can quickly fill up with rainwater, which can cause leaks and further exterior damage issues. When rainwater collects in the gutter, it has nowhere else to go besides inside your home. Hence, regular cleaning will prevent this issue.

Reduce the risk of unwanted visitors

Blocked pipes can fill with dirt and water, attracting unwanted visitors, such as mosquitos, who love to lay their eggs there. Reduce this risk by cleaning them efficiently and freeing unwanted dirt and pests from the gutter.

Eliminate the risk of exterior cracks

If a gutter becomes clogged, it becomes heavier. The heavier pipes are, the more at risk of exterior cracks your home will be. Eliminating this risk is possible if you maintain the free-flowing of the pipes.

Prevent water overflowGutters Water Overflow

Preventing water overflow is another key reason to get your gutter cleaned regularly. You won’t need to worry about leaks and other exterior issues that too much water can cause, such as rotting and moulding.

You want your roof to dry efficiently

Another issue a blocked gutter can cause is your roof not drying out properly when it rained or snows. The gutter is a prime place for moss to grow, which can cause the gutter and the roof surrounding the gutter to lock in moisture. Therefore, cleaning the gutter to be free of moss and at minimal risk of a moist roof is best. 

A moist and damp roof can cause structural issues such as rotting. If your roof starts to rot, it will become a danger to the entire house. It can cause rotting inside, and eventually, the roof will no longer be able to protect you from the weather conditions outside. Rainwater might start to seep through, and you will be presented with more issues than just a blocked gutter. 

Prevent damage to the structure

When you clean your gutters regularly, you can maintain your home’s structure and safety. 

Cleaning the gutters twice or three times each year can prevent the walls and windows from becoming damaged, as there will be no water buildup and a lack of moss (and other things that can build up and fall from the gutters).

When a gutter is full, it is common for birds to nest there. If a bird lays eggs and they fall, it can damage your exterior. Plus, it can cause danger to the bird’s life. Therefore, maintain the cleaning routine of your gutters to keep everyone safe. 

How to clean your gutters

Now you know why it is so important to clean your gutters regularly, and you might want to know how to clean them. If you wish to do it yourself, you must put safety first. 

Ensure you have a secure ladder and someone there to hold it and be there in case anything happens. You will need a bucket for the water and a gutter scoop to free the dirt and moss that has built up inside the pipes. 

Sometimes, it is best to use a vacuum to remove the water so you know it has all gone. However, these are best used by gutter cleaning experts. Furthermore, it can be safer and more effective to seek professional gutter cleaning help. 


Brilliant Brothers Services can help you with exterior cleaning services, including guttering. Hence, if you want professional help with your gutter cleaning to guarantee an efficient and long-lasting result, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

It is advised to get your gutters cleaned by professionals two to three times a year. It is a wise and affordable investment to ensure your exterior is clean and safe year-round. Contact us today to get a free estimate


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