Issues That Dirty Gutters Can Cause

Dirty gutters are a widespread problem many people have in their homes. It is an issue that can happen all too easily. You needGutters clogged with water and debris a good gutter cleaning occasionally, or perhaps you may get unlucky with weather or other problems to find that you suddenly have them on your home’s roof. And before you know it, that leads to other issues, too. So gutter cleaning is important.

To avoid that, call in a professional exterior gutter cleaning service like Brilliant Brothers. We can thoroughly clean your roof and gutters, ensuring you will have fewer issues. But what kinds of problems can dirty gutters lead to? Let’s look at examples of what can happen here and why you should avoid this in your home.

Dirty Gutters Can Cause Damage To The Foundation

One of the most common problems is damage to the house’s foundation. You might be surprised at how easily this can happen, which can be avoided by a good gutter cleaning and keep the gutter clear of debris. 

If they are clogged, then you will find that rainwater is allowed to sit in the trenches, and it then rots after a while because it can’t move anywhere else. Soon enough, this leads to decaying, affecting the home’s foundation. You can get cracks in the foundation and the walls, and then you might have larger cracks leading to a leaning house.

This can be hazardous and precarious, so it’s best not to allow it to occur in the first place. Ensure you keep them as clean as possible to avoid this happening.

Roof DamageDirty Gutters overflowing with debris and water

As well as the foundation itself getting damaged, dirty gutters can directly lead to roof damage, which can also be a massive problem for the building. This happens in a very similar way to the above, with standing water causing rot to occur, and before you know it, you might have roof slates that are starting to crack or even fall off entirely. 

A damaged roof can mean water gets into the home, so it is a severe problem that must be fixed. And, of course, the best solution is to avoid it by keeping them perfectly clean with a professional exterior cleaning company.

An Influx Of Pests

The occasional pest is something else you can get in your home due to dirty gutters. If you let this problem fester, it might lead to an influx of pests, which can cause many problems for your home. How does this happen? 

Well, when they are not clean, that encourages all sorts of animals to nest in them. You might get birds, rodents, or anything else making their homes in the gutters. As well as blocking the gutters even more, these can be challenging to eliminate and cause further damage inside and outside your home over time.

This is best avoided, so keep them as clean as possible. If you employ a professional team to help, keeping them clean is relatively simple.

Fire Risk

As well as all that, there is also the fact that dirty gutters pose a fire hazard. This is something that many people don’t realize, so it can be surprising. But it’s true: unclean gutters mean that you will have much more of a chance of fire in the home. 

This is especially true in warmer climates. In hot weather, the debris in your gutters can act like kindling. All it takes then is one loose spark from a nearby BBQ or bonfire, for instance, to set it ablaze. And before you know it, your whole house could be on fire. Keeping your gutters clean will also reduce your chances of a house fire.


If you require gutter cleaning services, contact a professional gutter cleaning service like Brilliant Brothers as soon as possible. There is no use in leaving it until it’s too late, and having your gutters cleaned will be a wonderful thing to have done. Contact Us today to get started.

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