Meet Our Team

Julian Jentink: General Manager

Throughout the years, Julian has become a Jack-of-all-trades.
From working in kitchens, deliveries, roofing, construction and everything in between, he’s practically done it all.
Before joining Brilliant Brothers, Julian was looking for a company to grow with and we are proud to have him on our team.

Julian was our first hire and is now the General Manager.
His unwavering work ethic and unimpeachable character has made him an essential pillar in our company.

Julian’s values in service are to work hard and never compromise on quality.
It is why he feels at home with Brilliant Brothers.

The satisfaction of cleaning the windows of a commercial building – a wall of glass several stories tall gleaming in the sun – will always put a smile on his face.

Kieran Wakeham: Crew Lead, Soft Washing Division

After graduating high school with honours, Kieran spent 3 years backpacking around the world.
Upon returning to his hometown, he wanted to apply his new found love for the world in a customer service role while remaining outdoors.

Kieran’s worldly outlook and personable character, paired with his high-energy quality-driven work ethic makes him a perfect fit for our team.

Kieran loves being with Brilliant Brothers because he gets to be outdoors, make people smile and be part of a like minded team who is driven to provide excellent service.

Kieran is a Crew Lead in the Soft Washing division. He enjoys Soft Washing the most because of how often he wins Picture Of The Month with the results of his work!

Brian: Human Resources

Dan Appleton: Customer Success Manager

Dan moved to Vancouver Island in 2018 and bounced around the Island until he found his home in Victoria in 2020. The friendly people, abundance of nature, beautiful city and wide variety of restaurants keep him happy.

After a one and a half years in the field as a Crew Lead, Dan moved into the office to utilize his knowledge in a new way.
He feels right at home in the professional yet casual work environment.

Dan’s keen eye for detail, problem solving skills and love for making people’s day makes him a natural fit for the role as Customer Success Manager.

Dan’s favorite service is Moss Removal because it’s a protective measure that can save a roof. The before and after pictures are always so satisfying too!

Matt Minutillo: Crew Lead: Window Cleaning Division

After completing his post-secondary education, he and his beloved wanted a fresh start and a new environment.
They decided to move away from their home in Ontario to try out the island life – they’re loving it!

Matt excels in providing BRILLIANT customer service.
He will listen to your needs and see them through – guaranteed.
You will always catch him smiling and cracking a joke to brighten up your day.

Being part of a brotherhood who looks out for one another and breathing in that crisp ocean air are important to Matt and we are honored to have him in our circle.

Matt’s favorite service is window cleaning, which is why he quickly rose to Crew Lead in our Window Cleaning division.
With so many beautiful views on the island, we need clean windows to see them from!

Dexter: Division Lead: Fur Carpet Installation

Derek Latawiec: Crew Lead, Soft Washing Division

Derek came from a background in the automotive industry back home in Alberta.
After hearing about the beautiful weather in Victoria year round, he decided to test his luck in paradise by moving out west!

Derek’s cheerful demeanor, folksy friendliness and old school farmer’s grit are some of the many reasons we love having Derek on our team.
He will never let up on a job getting done and getting it done right!

Derek enjoys being part of a brotherhood who reciprocates the kindness he offers.
Physical, outdoor work is what he has always done and the fresh air is a must.

Derek is a Crew Lead in the Soft Washing division.
He enjoys it because of the smiles he provides when the homeowner sees his work and feels like the home is brand new again.

Mitch Clements: Experienced Technician

Mitch moved to Victoria from the mainland for school and work opportunities.
As of 2022, he is a second year student at UVIC.

Being the youngest on the team by over three years, Mitch brings a youthful and positive energy that is refreshing and always welcomed.

Mitch loves working at Brilliant Brothers for many reasons, but mainly he loves the team he gets to work with everyday and how satisfying every job can be.

His favorite service is soft washing, because he loves to see the look on a customer’s face when he removes those “impossible” stains with ease.

Pirate: Chief of Security