Meet Our Team

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Meet Alec Parker

Alec Parker is a marketing and business growth specialist. From a young age, he has always been fixated on numbers, structures and solving problems for people.

After growing up on his family farm in Saskatchewan, Alec took a leap of faith and moved to Victoria to start a new chapter of his life. Once arriving on the west coast, Alec knew he had found his new home as the healthy lifestyle, friendly people and amazing fishing fit his active and progressive lifestyle.

Alec spent his first few years in Victoria working in the home service industry and going to business school. During his time in school, Alec made many amazing connections, but none as important as the one he made with Andy. Alec saw a great opportunity to put his passion for business and problem solving to the test. Together, Alec and Andy embarked on the journey to create Brilliant Brothers Services.

Alec is extremely passionate when it comes to improving and learning new skills. This has lead him to become an expert in his field. Alec is now a leader in the pressure washing and soft washing industry in Victoria, and has passed his knowledge and skills over to his team, who continue delivering them to every customer they serve.

When Alec is not helping his crew and working on the business, you can probably find him on a boat fishing, walking his dog, in the gym or spending quality time with his amazing partner Amanda.

Meet Andy Wild

Andy has 10 years of experience in the exterior cleaning industry. After originally applying for a window cleaning position to pay for college, Andy has offered his *brilliant* cleaning skill set on over 7000 jobs in a decade.

After 7 seven years, Andy went on to create Brilliant Brothers Services with his ‘brother’ Alec Parker to fill the need and requirements for *brilliant* cleaning services in Victoria BC. Through long days, meticulous cleanings and a lot of ladder climbing, Andy was able to implement an organized, state-of-the-art system of precise cleanings and attentive service.

With his enthusiasm for customer communication, quality, before-and-after cleanings and overall attentiveness to detail, Andy felt as though the only way to offer *brilliant* exterior cleaning work, was to begin his own exterior cleaning company with Alec.

Andy resides in Victoria BC where he enjoys writing (and publishing) fantasy novels, adventuring to new locations, journeying through dungeons and dragons’ campaigns, playing chess, working out, healthy/active living and cooking.


Kieran Wakeham: Crew Lead, Soft Washing Division

After graduating high school with honours, Kieran spent 3 years backpacking around the world.
Upon returning to his hometown, he wanted to apply his new found love for the world in a customer service role while remaining outdoors.

Kieran’s worldly outlook and personable character, paired with his high-energy quality-driven work ethic makes him a perfect fit for our team.

Kieran loves being with Brilliant Brothers because he gets to be outdoors, make people smile and be part of a like minded team who is driven to provide excellent service.

Kieran is a Crew Lead in the Soft Washing division. He enjoys Soft Washing the most because of how often he wins Picture Of The Month with the results of his work!

Dan Appleton: Sales Manager

Dan moved to Vancouver Island in 2018 and bounced around the Island until he found his home in Victoria in 2020. The friendly people, abundance of nature, beautiful city and wide variety of restaurants keep him happy.

After a one and a half years in the field as a Crew Lead, Dan moved into the office to utilize his knowledge in a new way.
He feels right at home in the professional yet casual work environment.

Dan’s keen eye for detail, problem solving skills and love for making people’s day makes him a natural fit for the role as Customer Success Manager.

Dan’s favorite service is Moss Removal because it’s a protective measure that can save a roof. The before and after pictures are always so satisfying too!

Mitch Clements: Lead

Mitch moved to Victoria from the mainland for school and work opportunities.
As of 2022, he is a second year student at UVIC.

Being the youngest on the team by over three years, Mitch brings a youthful and positive energy that is refreshing and always welcomed.

Mitch loves working at Brilliant Brothers for many reasons, but mainly he loves the team he gets to work with everyday and how satisfying every job can be.

His favorite service is soft washing, because he loves to see the look on a customer’s face when he removes those “impossible” stains with ease.

Loren E

Loren has a keen passion for the simplicity and creativity found in photography, graphic editing, singing, papercutting, and the personalized artistry of baking cakes. Reflecting on Brilliant Brothers Services, Loren highlights three distinct aspects that resonate deeply. Firstly, the inherent flexibility of the role grants the invaluable privilege of working from home. Secondly, the compassionate culture, championed by senior leaders, promotes the essential balance of rest days. Lastly, Loren admires the infectious positivity and perpetual smiles of the bosses, which consistently uplift and energize the entire team. Did you know that Loren and Yna are twin sisters? 🙂 (Brilliant Brothers – Brilliant Sisters!!!)


Meet Sam, our multifaceted team member who infuses every moment with enthusiasm and creativity. Sam’s passions span from intense board game battles with friends to spirited matches on the Spikeball court. A true collaborator, Sam revels in the joy of crafting fun and memorable videos with friends, capturing the essence of camaraderie and laughter.

At Brilliant Brothers, Sam finds a second home within the crew’s tight-knit culture, surrounded by a group of supportive and like-minded individuals. Embracing diversity in tasks and activities, Sam thrives on the dynamic nature of the job, always eager to tackle new challenges and keep things interesting. Interacting with BB’s exceptional clientele is a highlight for Sam, who takes pride in delivering outstanding service and building meaningful connections with customers, making each interaction a memorable one.

Quin Walker

Meet Quin, our dynamic team member at Brilliant Brothers! When he’s not busy ensuring our projects shine, you can find him indulging his passion for sports. Quin is a versatile athlete who enjoys playing basketball, golf, soccer, and hockey, embracing the thrill of competition and camaraderie. Off the field, he delights in savoring his favorite foods, especially poke and pizza, a true connoisseur of flavors. At Brilliant Brothers, Quin thrives in the company of our amazing crew, finding joy in every task, whether it’s perfecting roof treatments or executing softwashes. With Quin on board, our team is not only efficient but also infused with enthusiasm and a love for what we do.

Brian: Human Resources

Dexter: Division Lead: Fur Carpet Installation

Pirate: Chief of Security