Power Washing Victoria

Power Washing Victoria

When you need affordable power washing in Victoria, turn to the experts from Brilliant Brothers Services to get your exterior surfaces clean and bright. Power washing is a safe and very effective outdoor treatment that can remove years of grime and surface contaminants from areas like driveways & walkways, patios, cement, concrete, brick, and other areas. At Brilliant Brothers Services, we’re also experienced in using power washing to get rid of mold, mildew, soil, grease, and other debris that is typically hard-to remove. Give us a call and you'll see that we are not just a gutter cleaning company.

5 Times to Choose Power Washing Instead of Pressure Washing

1. Have you noticed areas of your driveway that are dark, sticky, or oily? Pressure washing may not get down deep enough to remove chewing gum, motor oil, and other matter that can keep your driveway from looking its best. The next time you contact our professionals about gutter cleaning services, ask us about hot water power washing in Victoria, as well.

2. Pressure washing may not be the best option when hardscape areas are covered with mold or mildew. The heat and chemicals used in power washing combine to create a powerful contaminant removal treatment that leaves block, brick, concrete, and cement looking like new again. Cleaning hardscapes 2-3 times annually can improve curb appeal year-round.

3. If it’s been some time since you’ve had your home’s siding cleaned, power washing can do what pressure washing alone cannot. Make a phone call to Brilliant Brothers Services at 250-514-5990 to inquire about our power washing service in Victoria, BC and we’ll schedule a visit for a time that works for you. Before you replace siding due to its appearance, find out if power washing can bring back the original beauty of your siding materials.

4. For maintaining your home’s external appearance, consider pressure washing in Victoria, BC- when dealing with tough-to-clean surface pollutants that won’t wash off, upgrade your cleaning to a power washing and watch what hot water and professional cleaning products can do for the look of your home and exterior surfaces.

5. Unlike exterior pressure washing, power washing your home can protect your family members from allergens, like harmful mold. ‘Blasting’ off dirt and debris is not always the best solution; in cases involving mold and bacteria, a hot water power wash can do more to remove surface infectants that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Affordable Power Washing in Victoria

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your home looking great and free from harmful bacteria and mold; Brilliant Brothers Services has a low-cost power washing service available to Victoria residents. Let our team come out and assess your outside surfaces and offer professional advice on how to proceed. We offer power washing for commercial buildings, as well; see our complete list of services offered on our website or get in touch with one of our brilliant brothers today by phone or Web form.


Power Washing Victoria