At Brilliant Brothers Services, we value and respect you, your property, and your time.


Which is why we would like to provide you with a (nearly) instant quote
Within 2 Business Days!


Not only will you ‘skip the line’, but you will also be saving the environment (due to the reduced emissions as a result of us not driving to your property.)


The process – Simple!

Step 1:

Take 4 to 6 pictures of your property (if everything is ‘relatively’ visible.) This will be able to provide us with ALL of the visibilities we need to conduct the quote.

We need pictures of all 4 ‘corners’ of your property – Example. NW, NE, SW, SE:

Example 1 | Residential Quote:

Example 2 | Commercial Quote:

Next Step

Step 1 Additional Step:

If you have extra areas around your property that need cleaning – please snap a shot or 2 of these as well.

Next Step

Step 2:

Send us your pictures!


Either text us at 250-514-5990 or email us at your 4 to 6 pictures + First & Last Name + the Phone Number you used on the contact form.

That’s it!

We will use your pictures and measure your property (to the exact FOOT) online – and have your estimate sent off you to in 2 business days or less!


Not only did you just save us both A LOT of time, you also saved the environment!