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Rodents are one of the leading pests in almost all residential areas and facilities. They belong to the order Rodentia and are known for their sharp incisors that protrude ominously behind their whiskers. Their huge numbers make them problematic enough (40% of all mammals belong to the Rodentia), but the greatest danger is that they are hosts and vectors to various zoonotic diseases that could harm humans and even household pets.

The Many Dangers of Rodents’ Infestation  

These zoonotic diseases are as many as the rodents themselves and include a monkey-pox virus, Tularemia, meningitis, Lassa virus, Hantavirus, Salmonella, leptospirosis, etc. Also, in the process of invading your home, they’d chew resolutely through the wooden walls of a home, floorboards, roof, especially during extreme weather or climate conditions. They’d loot foodstuff and groceries and mark their presence with ugly faecal dropping and a trail of pheromones that acts like a map for others to join in the infestation.

So when next you bump, startled, into a rodent as you make your way into the kitchen to satisfy a midnight hunger, know that your nightmare is a legitimate concern. It would be best to take drastic actions like deploying one of the best pest control companies in Westlake to your home. Rodents are known for their high birth rate, so failure to act promptly might make them difficult to control later. They thrive almost anywhere there’s a shelter and are endemic to almost all the countries and ecosystems in the world.

Five types of Rodents we catch

When we mention rodents, what comes to our minds are the regular rats and mice. But there are several types and subspecies of rodents. We currently have almost 1,500 living rodent species alone. Even though the probability of meeting each one of them in a lifetime is as slim as getting struck by lightning twice, the common culprits vary in their types and, thus, habits.

So when you hire a pest control near Westlake, it’s important first to find out what you’re dealing with. At Lakewood Exterminating, we are the top Westlake Ohio ant control and exterminators for all types of pests and rodents, especially mice and rats. We’ve remained one of the best pest exterminators in Westlake, OH, for our nuanced understanding of the variety of rodents’ behaviours and the best pest control for all of them, such as our rodent-proofing services. Below is a list consisting of the five types of rodents we control in Westlake, Ohio.

  1. Mice

House mice are ingenious pests that would do anything to invade your home and ruin your beautiful dream and peace. Often, they’d thrive in the tightest spaces and reproduce rapidly. Homes in Westlake are particularly vulnerable to their invasion. We combine our fail-safe rodent-proofing with effective rodenticide to catch, neutralize these little fritters before they infest your house.

  1. Rats

Most rats infesting homes in Cleveland are known as Norway rats, common rats, or sewer rats. This is because they primarily live in the sewage system. This makes them more dangerous than the mice as these unsanitary habits make them harbour more pathogens. We help you first to figure out their points of entry to get rid of them easily.

  1. Moles

The Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus) is quite a common sight in most parts of Ohio. They’re smaller than the mice and rats and wreak less havoc in infestation and transmission of zoonotic diseases. They prefer to live outside homes, but when they wander away from their molehill, they may do substantial damages to your lawn grasses, which they use as fodder to build their own house.

  1. Squirrels

In Ohio, the Eastern Gray, Fox squirrels, Ohio is Red, and Flying squirrels are common sights. Like moles, squirrels often prefer to live outside homes. They are arboreal animals, meaning that they live all their lives in trees. So you’re not that safe. They feed mostly on your precious sunflower seeds and deprive your pigeons of their meal. We help you catch these little nuisances, cute as they may seem.

  1. Pine Voles

The pine voles, also known as field mice, are like little mice but are more related to the hamsters. Their body build is distinctly stouter while they have different dentition. They’re more common in the spring season and often claw holes into your previous lawns and garden.

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rodent control Westlake Ohio