Vent Layer Underneath Mattress

Germs, mould, and bacteria are a constant in this world. A vent layer underneath mattress” href=””>vent layer underneath a mattress can help keep you dry and comfortable on the road or in the outdoors. HyperDrii mats offer robust, functional, and superior comfort.

Issues with Mattresses

People across much of the world sleep off the ground. Whether using a mat or mattress, we are used to a layer of comfort.

Seeking a dry and potentially more conducive environment to sleep, people began using pickup beds, truck beds, and motorhomes to sleep while camping. This does not eliminate:

  • Body heat that can make a bed too warm
  • Germs and bacteria picked up while on the road
  • Smells derived from the same bacteria

These contained environments pose a threat to the senses. Being away from home can make it difficult to clean.

Growth of Bacteria, Mould, and Germs

Among the more common issues with mats and mattresses on the road is the growth of bacteria, mould, and germs. Daily life is not as clean as you think. Sweat, dirt, and even a dining booth all transfer invaders to our body.

The earth itself contains microorganisms. Everything transfers to your mat or mattress with ease.

Combating Microorganisms

Combating microorganisms is common for anyone on the road or trail. A heavy round of cleaning is common. Most people use bleach or other chemicals to keep their equipment safe and clean.

It is also a good idea to air out your mats and mattresses. The sun and air clear out spores, germs, and bacteria with ease. A sunny and windy day works best.

What is a venting underlay?

As camping equipment evolves, another common tool is the venting underlay. These let you air dry your mats easily. They also get rid of excess heat built up from being in a closed environment or the ground you lay on.

Venting underlays are tiny matrices built into your mats and mattresses. They allow air to pass through while you sleep, performing the same function during cleaning, especially when combined with HyperDrii’s anti mould bed layer.

Are venting underlays effective?

Venting underlays are effective. A major reason that foam pads fail is that they are permeable yet solid and rigid. This allows sweat and bacteria to become trapped while capturing and retaining heat.

Underlays eliminate this problem. They may seem fragile but HyperDrii products withstand up to 800 pounds without a permanent deformity. We back every mat with a limited 20 year warranty.

Using a Vent Underlay Underneath a Mattress

Heat, germs, mould, and bacteria are all problems when traveling in a motorhome, car camping, or even sleeping outdoors away from a raised bed. Placing a vent underlay underneath a mattress eliminates many of these problems.

Air venting keeps you clean, healthy, and comfortable. Wake up refreshed and able to seize the day instead of tired and achy. Dive into what makes our mat unique online, send us an email, or give us a call. We are here to answer any questions you have.


Vent Layer Underneath Mattress

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