One of our most frequently asked questions is: Is your moss treatment safe?

We only use the National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA) recommended Moss Treatment solution and techniques specifically designed for Moss Removal on residential properties on the West Coast and in Victoria, BC

The active ingredient is commercial grade Sodium Hypochlorite (a.k.a. bleach) – a powerful fungicide.

It is mixed with a biodegradable surfactant (soap) to help the solution stay on the roof, and a scent cover to help mitigate any smell caused by the bleach.

Derek - Soft Wash and Moss Treatment Crew Lead with our customized Soft Washing Truck
Derek – Soft Wash and Moss Treatment Crew Lead with our customized Soft Washing Truck

We also implement property protection protocols to ensure nothing on the property is negatively affected by the treatment.

We soak all plant life and other vulnerable items in the vicinity, followed up with a thorough rinse of the surroundings after the application of the Moss Treatment.

Our technicians are highly experienced, having serviced hundreds of properties in Victoria and the surrounding municipalities.

Their techniques have refined over the years and they are highly accurate with the application of the treatment, limiting overspray and solution runoff to keep the surrounding areas safe. 

This NRCA approved solution along with our specialized techniques that were created for the West Coast environment will protect your property and your roof for years to come. 

Why choose Brilliant Brothers Services?

With our NRCA approved solution, highly trained professionals and years of experience, we offer the safest, most effective Moss Removal and Moss Treatment service in Victoria, BC.

We are fully insured, in good standing with WCB and we invest in only the best quality, industry leading equipment.

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