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Window Cleaning in Victoria B.C.

Can you believe how well this window cleaning turned out?

It is quite common for windows that are low to the ground and close to garden beds to get caked in dirt.

In the summer months, the soil dries out, the wind picks it up and coats the home in dirt.

This is especially true if there are landscapers or gardeners working in the area.

Try not to leave sediment on your windows for too long, the minerals can leave hard water stains that are tough to remove.

Be sure to leave your window screens in as well!

If anyone uses a weed whacker in the area, it is likely for small bits to hit the windows can cause small chips.

These small chips will hold dirt and cause hard water stains.

In the winter season the small chips will hold water and potentially cause cracks in the freezing temperatures.

Not only does window cleaning look great, but it can protect your windows from damages.

This is especially true for the beautiful heritage homes in Victoria B.C.!

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